Australia, QLD – Hervey Bay before leaving

To finish my 15 days trip to QLD, I drove along the coast on 500km from Surfers Paradise to Hervey Bay. I really liked this cool air in front the Coral See with huge beaches. I saw happy people taking time playing with their children, with their dogs, fishing  along the sea… and surfing. This way of living is not usual in Europe.

I made a stop to take a little plane to have an aerial view of Fraser Island. It was amazing! A mistake was done on my reservation so the pilot made my land and take off on a beach on Fraser Island!!! The craziest “airport” ever!!! then I had an extra flight… I saw whales for truth for the first time!.. I was stunned and moved, feeling to be very lucky…

Then I took a whales tour on boat as it was a childhood dream! It wasn’t that touristic, Australian people on board. It was nuts actually, we could feel their breathing and those whales were here because they are curious, by their own will… I couldn’t believe it was real!

I walked on a 1,8km pier to Hervey Bay. People used to come and fish there, pelicans know it!!

The day before going back to France I made a stop to Coolum Beach. I found my car with a flat tire and no car jack inside!!! I parked to a supermarket and 3 men kindly helped me happily! And I met an excellent woman who invited me home for dinner! I had a very nice evening there 🙂 God was with me! But the replaced tire was for a limited speed to 80km/h so I couldn’t reach the airport as the only way I knew was the motorway… I went to a small Hertz agency and I had to negotiate strongly to have a new car without paying AUD4,400 but only the price of a new tire (AUD85)!

I left Australia with an heavy heart, promising myself to come back 😉

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