Australia, QLD – Brisbane for 2nd photoshoot

For this second part of my Australian trip, I stopped to Brisbane “BrisVegas” as people used to call this big city. I was stunned as it was my first time seeing such skyscrapers!

I planned a photoshoot in my hotel at it was a nice city-center one, closed to the river: Next Hotel. Nobody answered my announcement up to 2 days before! Suddenly, I had 3 models 🙂 I met very kind and cute girls: Sarah, Emely and Deepti. We mixed their cloths and jewelry with ones I carried for the photoshoots. My only difficulty was the lake of light for the last one. It was winter and from 4pm it was too late for taking pics. But we had fun for sure! Thanks so much girls!

I had 2 half-days there to walk around: taking the river cat and roaming at night to Botanic Garden and South Bank area. I saw my first possum – so cute!!! There were an open stage in the street where I could listen to an orchestra and an a-capela choir. I wish I could come again for having time to visit some museums and other city areas – it looks like this city never sleeps!

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