Australia, QLD – 1st photoshoot

I have dreamt to go to Australia from the age of 19… and at the honorable age of 43 I decided to get there on a whim! Life has to be lived 🙂 So I took my flights and as usual I organized some photoshoots ahead. I planned places to go along East Coast, stop points, car rentals and internal flights. I chose 3 different places to organize photoshoots along my 12 days trip (I know, it was really too short!).

I arrived to Brisbane totally out of order lol. And my luggage stayed to Abu Dhabi… usual little adventure of black cat (see previous articles)! I couldn’t get changed during 3 days, washing and drying my clothes with the hotel hair dryer… Then I flight to Rockhampton (about 650km at north) with my luggage hehehe. Just a detail, Rocky is the beef capital of Australia and I am veggie…

There, I planned a fashion photoshoot with a little girl, Emily. I found her on web by chance and it was a really sweet and amazing meeting with her mother Julie and her. Thanks God! A photo of Emily was published through Child Model Magazine !


As usual, I had a look around the day before the shooting. I also discovered places around. I well drove at left side (!) and visited Yeppoon, Emu Park, Mont Archer, Capricorn Caves and the amazing Rocky zoo. I saw my first kangaroo and hundreds of birds, it was like paradise to me! I spoke with extremely kind people all along, I still keep in touch with some of them.


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