London, England – before leaving

The day after the photoshoot, I was prepared to get back home. As I was up at 5am because of the light – beautiful blue sky for London 😉 – I decided to walk around to take pics of buildings.

There a bad adventure happened to me: it was 6:30am and I was in The City area when 2 guys on a moped pushed me down and stole my iPhone… I just remembered being hurt with feeling pain on my right side (shoulder and knee) – I don’t remember falling down. So I was sat there bleeding everywhere on my face, t-shirt, camera because my head hurt the pavement. I was chocked and crying like a baby but 5 amazing people stopped on their way to work and helped me till ambulance and police arrived. Each one was so carrying that I still believe there is goodness in this world 🙂

Happily for 20 tears I always wear my Canon camera across the shoulder. My camera is my baby, any iPhone is nothing! Please, photographers, always use your shoulder-strap!

So with no phone, I couldn’t notify any of my relatives I was injured and I didn’t know how to get back home as my tickets were into my phone! Plus my glasses broken, I wasn’t able to read anything lol! Crazy situation. Happily I was helped a lot by people, thanks God! So I could go back to France with browses, hair pasted by blood and puffy eyes 🙂

But the story continued: 2 months after, 471 pounds were taken from my account. I know my visa number was stolen through as it already happened 2 years before when I booked an hotel through it. I never use this website since. So travelers, take care! I had to use my bank insurance and to change my visa. Bad ending of this trip but I met amazingly carrying and kind people I would never forget 🙂 3 bad people for 13 good ones!

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