London, England – the photoshoot day

After my day spotting places, two models – Ariel Thompson & Miguel Ruiz Rios – on three came for the photoshoot. It’s always a bet to book people when I am far away ; I never know what will happen 🙂

My friend Thib Ferrassou the hairstylist started his job. It was such a warm weather that we were sweating in this small room with the hairdresser on! As Miguel was ready first, we started taking pics inside the room to match the style we previously chose. Then we went into the hotel common area – Citizen M Shoreditch.

Once everyone ready, we went outside on some graffiti spots. We were addressed by a team making a music video and they asked Ariel and Miguel to be part of! So they will appear into it: singer Jermaine Jahovi.

Each model has his/her own style, so I have to be creative and to make their style matching my ideas. Environnement always help. And the most important thing to me is to have fun and to work in a good positive atmosphere so I loose kilograms of water each time lol. The result was awesome, many thanks the team!

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