London, England – before the photoshoot

I organized a photoshoot to London few months after my experience to Ivory Coast 🙂 I just staid 2 days there. I booked my flights and I chose the Citizen M hotel in Shoreditch area, closed to City. Actually I previously pre-booked another hotel (located at the other side of London) and I changed my mind just before my trip, I don’t really know why!… The Citizen M looked nice with tastefully and trendy decoration and it was!

I thought that a part of the photoshoot would take place there, and the other part in the streets around. Taking pictures in hotels is not that easy because money is usually asked to be allowed to take fashion photos in most hotels in France – and it’s very expensive (200 to 300€ for 2 hours usually). I just asked the day of my arrival if it could be possible as it’s just for fun and to feed my Facebook page (not in a commercial aim). I always tag hotels when I publish the photos.

I found 2 models in London before leaving (Ariel and Miguel). We decided which styles and clothes to wear. An hairstylist friend of mine Thib, who moved to London was pretty ok to style the models! I didn’t find any makeup artist – that always means to me a longer photoshop work 😉

As usual, I spent my first day walking around – a lot lol – to spot possible places where to take pics. I definitely have chosen by chance THE right area ; God was with me 🙂 I discovered a living place full of graffiti – and I like so much this kind of urban places! Thanks so much to street artists, you are genius!


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