Abidjan, Ivory Coast – 2nd photoshoot

Once everything organized I couldn’t wait for taking pictures!!! All the team met at BUSHMAN Cafe , the place that allowed us to realize this amazing photoshoot!

Patrick Edooard from BTendance came with 4 big luggages of stylists clothes from Abidjan he previously chose!!! I felt very excited by all those beautiful creations from Ange-Dady, Diana Rosin, Elie Kuame, Envy Boutique, Lewis Mardochee, Melyjah, Nackissa, Nikaule, Pelebe, Triple K., Samarra, Yale Woody, Yebe Design, Zango and this list is not exhaustive…

Please read the excellent BTendance article from the photoshoot with all references: BUSHMAN is ZO !!! The picture on the cover was published through EyeEm blog The Week on EyeEm 🙂

Ilias and Jean-Philippe were here to advise and to help on the shooting. Ami, Assetou, Fabien and Mathieu were our models ; amazing makeup artists were also there: Vivi and Macha. Thanks so much to each of you for your involvement and creativity! As I always say: it’s a team work, everything is possible all together with the same positive energy.

We worked more than 7 hours with 35°C as it’s to say it was a nuts day!!! but so unforgettable… I worked 50 hours on the photos once back home. One of my best and favorite fashion photoshoot ever!



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