Abidjan, Ivory Coast – first photoshoot

Once in Abidjan, so kind Aka helped me to organize my first look around to Grand-Bassam, at east of Abidjan, on the way to Assinie. Then, I could see some nice spots where to take pictures. I’m always having a look on places and orientation of light before taking pics 🙂

I visited there Costume Museum with magical masks, costumes along time and following places in the country. It was nice! I discovered there also beautiful statues, photos from colonial period (that froze my blood), various ways how Ivorian villages are built… Hamed the driver and I then spent a nice time on the beach, watching people having fun,  playing music, children riding horses… I went to artist painters old house where I saw beautiful paintings (have a look there, Art is alive!!!). Getting out of there, an alcoholic man stole me few money in my purse…black cat lol

Once back to Abidjan, I went to Riviera to meet Kristine Bell, CEO of Kwayo Agency in order to introduce myself and present my previous work. Then we launched the first photoshoot with Juliana and Mandjalia, Lewis was our stylist. Mandjalia became Miss Ivory Coast 2017 few weeks after!!! Proud to have taken photos of her! We had a lot of fun and laughs to get prepared into a too small car (1m80 girls lol) and as it was 35°C 🙂 We went to places I previously saw along the beach and we finished the shooting at Wafou hotel, a nice place to refresh ourselves. Then we had a nice dinner all together, laughing and chatting. What a nice day thanks to God!!!


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